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A lady visits the postoffice to purchase stamps on her behalf Chanukah cards.

A lady visits the postoffice to purchase <a href="">OasisDating</a> stamps on her behalf Chanukah cards.

She states into the clerk, “can i have actually 50 Chanukah stamps?”

The clerk claims, ” just exactly What denominations? “

“Oh my Gd,” the woman states. “Has it arrive at this? Provide me 35 Orthodox, 12 Conservative, and 3 Reform.”

Minimal Harold ended up being violin that is practicing the family area while their dad had been wanting to read inside the den. The household dog had been lying when you look at the den, so that as the screeching noises of Harold’s violin reached his ears, he started to howl loudly. The daddy paid attention to your dog therefore the violin provided that he could. Then he jumped up, slammed their paper to your flooring and yelled above the sound, “cannot you play one thing your dog does not understand?!”

A man that is jewish speeding over the highway at 1 a.m. A policeman prevents him and asks, “Where are you currently rushing only at that hour?” “To a lecture,” the guy reacts. “who can provide you with a lecture only at that hour?” the policeman miracles. “My spouse,” he replies.

Moshe and Avram decided to go to a seafood restaurant. They ordered one meal and 2 plates to fairly share it. The waiter brought 1 big fish and something tiny seafood. “Avram, you choose first”, said Moshe “No, please you select.” “OK, i am going to take”. Moshe took a huge piece and use it their dish Avram, seemed upset and said, “we figured you’d simply just take a large one” “And which will you are taking?” “the tiny one” “Nu, just what exactly may be the issue?”

President Bush calls within the relative mind regarding the CIA and asks,

” why the Jews understand everything before we do?”

The CIA chief states, “The Jews have this expression, ‘Vus titzuch?'” The President states, “Hell, what exactly is that mean?